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Tor Browser (Alpha) 99.0.0b3-Beta Brings Critical Security Improvements

Source: Google Play Store

The Tor Browser will always be free if nothing completely unexpected occurs, or at least that’s what the developers claim. And we have to give them the benefit of the doubt since millions of people rely on the app to keep them protected online from censorship, tracking, as well as surveillance.

Opening up a webpage that you always wanted but hesitated several times is when you finally get it out of your system! The Tor browser is also offering plenty of features that allow users to get their act together.

Tor Browser (Alpha) 99.0.0b3-Beta becomes available in several download options

Tor Browser (Alpha) 99.0.0b3-Beta update is now available via APKMirror in several download options. Feel free to download it!

The new APK brings some security improvements that are considered critical. This is not something new, however, considering that each new release finds ways to improve the Tor Browser.

If you want to access a certain website that has been blocked by your local ISP, there’s no need to worry! Tor has it covered for you by granting you the needed access!

The Tor browser uses a pretty ingenious method to halt all those online trackers that attempt to jump on users like ravenous lions! Tor will simply isolate websites the user accesses so that ads or third-party trackers won’t be able to do their dirty work. When the user finishes looking online for something, regardless of what it is, Tor will automatically get rid of all the cookies.

Websites use cookies to remember you and what you prefer while navigating to their addresses. In other words, those cookies are small files that land in your device’s browser. Although it has been a major fuss online about whether cookies are really beneficial or not, experts tell us that accepting these small files will grant you the best user experience while accessing websites.