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Sims 5 Update: EA And Maxis Prepare For Game Development With A Hiring Spree

Credit: Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts (EA) and Maxis seem to be preparing for the full-scale production of the heavily hyped title “The Sims 5” by modernizing the graphics engine and employing a slew of new staff members.

New job listings

Taking use of platform-specific capabilities is one of the goals of Maxis, the game company behind the hugely popular “The Sims” series, which has an open position for a skilled Senior Rendering Engineer.

Low-level efficiency assessment and optimization activities across numerous platforms will be the responsibility of this role. Maxis seems to be working on enhancing the aesthetics and performance of “The Sims” based on these descriptions.

Additionally, the job ad is searching for an engineer with expertise working in rendering for several delivered games on current-generation hardware and prior generation consoles, which suggests that the changes are either for “The Sims 4” or for the development and delivery of “The Sims 5.”

For the future of The Sims, Maxis is searching for a User Experience Researcher who will undertake research to ensure that the millions of Sims gamers all around the globe have the best possible gaming experience possible.

The team is looking for scientists with an advanced degree in exploratory psychology and human factors, a relevant subject, or comparable industry experience, and those with at least two years of experience undertaking user research studies on multiple platforms in the design and implementation of research projects.

At EA, we believe that every member of the UX Research team has the opportunity to influence not only the player experience of their games but also the future of the UX Research team. Everyone on the team is encouraged to bring their true selves to every discussion.

Both job advertisements for “The Sims 5” do not clearly state that they are for a future release, but the likelihood that they are is considerable.

Electronic Arts (EA) has continued to work on the series due to its popularity and dropped a significant bombshell towards the end of April 2021. What’s going on? According to this interview with Laura Miele, EA’s Chief Studio Officer, The Sims 5 has been officially announced.

The most important thing to know about The Sims 5 is that it will continue to progress in the same way as its predecessors.