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Microsoft Word: Edit Documents 16.0.15601.20036 beta is Available for Download

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Microsoft Word remains the trusted tool that numerous people use to edit their documents or create new ones. Having a capable laptop or desktop PC at home is not mandatory if you want to get Microsoft Word running. You can enjoy the app’s numerous advantages straight from your Android phone as well. If you even have a physical keyboard and a mouse to connect to that phone, you’ll automatically get an experience that’s very close to that of using a real laptop to edit or create documents!

Just like pretty much any powerful app out there, Microsoft Word is also receiving regular updates. It’s now time for the 16.0.15601.20036 beta update to show what it’s made of!

Download 16.0.15601.20036 beta NOW!

You already have the possibility to get your hands on the 16.0.15601.20036 beta update for Microsoft Word via APKMirror, the place where there are gazillions of updates for your favorite apps and games!

There’s no information available yet regarding what the new update brings new to Microsoft Word. Even so, you might want to keep in mind this statement that appears on the update’s APKMirror page:

“We regularly release updates to the app, which include great new features, as well as improvements for speed and reliability.”

We can safely assume that 16.0.15601.20036 beta brings nothing more than a few basic fixes and improvements.

With Microsoft Word, the possibilities are numerous. You can use the app to share notes, edit documents, or even craft a powerful cover letter. If collaborating is among your virtues, Microsoft Word has you covered in this area as well. The app also offers such functionalities.

You can also use Microsoft Word on a mobile phone to simply read what you’re interested in, whether we’re talking about letters, DOCs, PDFs, etc.