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Mobvoi Launches Innovative Smartwatch During CES 2019


The smartwatch industry is currently ruled by Apple and Fitbit. This makes it difficult for other tech companies who want to take a “piece of the cake”. However, Mobvoi is not one to give up that easily and it keeps creating high-end smartwatches that deliver premium user experiences and innovative features that give them the upper hand over devices such as Watch Series 3 and Fitbit Charge 3. In fact, the reason why Mobvoi is making headlines today is because the tech giant has recently a new smartwatch called TicWatch E2 during CES 2019.

Mobvoi Launches TicWatch E2

CES 2019 is the annual event where tech companies from all around the world gather to show off their latest innovations and Mobvoi has managed to “steal” the spotlight with its TicWatch E2. The new smartwatch is the company’s first ever device to run on Wear OS and it comes with a rather innovative feature called TicMotion.

Innovative Technology

As we previously mentioned, Apple and Fitbit make it challenging for other tech companies to be successful in the smartwatch industry. Therefore, these tech companies have to come up with innovative features and technologies in order to get an advantage in this competition and this is exactly what Mobvoi did with TicMotion.

Mobvoi says that TicMotion makes it possible for its latest smartwatch that was revealed during CES 2019 to keep track of all types of physical activities. The smartwatch will analyze the movements of the user and it will automatically determine the type of physical activity that he or she is doing so that it can provide detailed information about calories burned and so on.

Hardware Specs

TicWatch E2 is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 chip and a 1.38-inches AMOLED display. Not just that, but TicWatch E2 is also coupled to a 415 mAh battery which is impressive for a smartwatch.