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Moonlight Peaks is Coming Soon, and It Gives the Player the Role of a Vampire

Credit: Steam

Playing a video game where you get to be a vampire would be an incredibly amusing experience. Imagine being able to fly around the game world, using your vampire powers to sneak up on unsuspecting victims, and then sink your fangs into their necks. The thrill of the chase and the rush of power would be exhilarating.

The game could also include a variety of vampire abilities, such as the ability to turn into a bat, become invisible, and even control the minds of your victims. The game world would be filled with dark, gothic architecture, and you would have to avoid sunlight and other vampire hunters as you explore the game world.

One of the most amusing aspects of playing a vampire in a video game is the social aspect. As a vampire, you would be part of a secret society of immortals, and you would have to navigate the politics and power struggles within this society.

Moonlight Peaks is a life simulation game where you get to be a vampire

According to Game Watcher, developer Little Chicken is working on Moonlight Peaks, a life simulation where the player receives the role of a vampire.

In fact, vampires from Moonlight Peaks have a pretty different fate from how these creatures are usually presented in horror movies, video games, or literature. Vampires in this game will become cursed crops for sustenance.

In Moonlight Peaks, you’re a vampire trying to convince your dad, Count Dracula, that even though you’re dead, you can still be a compassionate person. The town of Moonlight Peaks is the perfect place to prove it, with soil that’s perfect for growing cursed crops.

For the moment, Moonlight Peaks doesn’t have a release date, but we can surely expect that to change soon enough.