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On February 21, Amazon Will Increase The Price Of Its Music Unlimited Service

Credit: Amazon

We have some unfavorable information to share with you if you make frequent use of Amazon Music Unlimited: Beginning in one month, the business intends to implement price increases for plan options in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Since the price adjustment won’t take effect until the 21st of February, you’ll have some time to mull it over before you have to make a decision.

The decision does not actually come as much of a surprise considering that rivals have lately hiked their pricing or have at least considered increasing their prices. During its earnings call in October, Spotify discussed the possibility of raising its fees, while Apple revealed in October that it was going to increase the cost of its Music and TV Plus services. Apple also increased the price of Apple Music. Streaming services that specialize in music are not the only ones increasing their costs; businesses that specialize in streaming videos have also stated that they would be boosting their pricing.

Therefore, if you have ever entertained the idea of subscribing to the service or continuing to use it, you may want to give some thought to the fact that the price will go up on February 21. Even though Amazon has not made an official announcement about the price rises, the company has already posted the new rates on its support sites in both the United States and the United Kingdom. The price of Music Unlimited will rise to $10.99 per month once Amazon implements a pricing increase in the United States of America of one dollar. Those who have a student plan will also experience a rise in their monthly cost, which will go from $5.99 to $5.99 and increase by $1.

As was noted before, this price increase will also have an effect on those living in the UK. For them, the Music Unlimited plan will cost £10.99 per month, while the student plan will cost £5.99 per month after the increase. There are many different music streaming services available, which is a positive development. If you are open to switching to another provider or giving a different service a go, you have a number of choices, and the time may be right to experiment with something else.