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MultiVersus: Best Tips & Tricks For Reindog Players

Credit: MultiVerse

MultiVersus includes a variety of various modes, but one of the hallmark ways to play the game is its 2v2 version. As such, this mode has a small cast of heroes who excel in cooperative situations and Reinndog is one of those on the list.  It’s possible that Reindog’s support ability is the most powerful in the game, despite not being the most numerous.

Reindog excels at bolstering his opponents with a variety of elemental effects, such as the power to set blaze your partner’s missiles, and he also has a number of techniques to debuff his adversaries. His Love Leash, though, can save a teammate who is about to go off the side of the screen. That’s a massive deal in a platform fighter. When Reindog isn’t rescuing their companion from imminent danger, they’re backing them up from a distance with powerful projectiles.

What Every Player Ought to Know About Reindog

Although Reindog is a support character, the bulk of the time he behaves more like a mage. Your strategy will center on sniping your foes from a safe distance using projectile weapons. Reindog is powerful at a distance, yet gangly and slow real close. However, the source of your classification of support is your most significant unique feature. You can pull a friend out of danger when you attach your Love Leash to them. That is a crucial aspect of Reindog’s play. He has the ability to rescue doomed players and extract teammates from dangerous circumstances where they would take heavy damage.

So, it stands to reason that you’ll require a specific level of situational awareness on the battlefield if you want to play Reindog effectively. Although Reindog’s attacks are straightforward, the character’s high level of awareness is what makes him challenging to play.

Team play

Fireball and the Power Crystal that Reindog wields can both help your teammate. So that’s a plus. For your teammate, though, your primary function is to tug them out of sticky situations. You should attempt to conserve your Love Leash because of its limited duration. If your partner is getting comboed or is about to be knocked out of the arena, yank them. You’ll need to be quick on the draw once your buddy starts taking damage so you can link to them and pull them in before they do serious harm.