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Netflix Will Attend E3 2019 and Announce Games Based On Its Original TV Series


E3 is one of the world’s most highly anticipated gaming-oriented events and all game producers who have upcoming products to show off will attend the event and use it as a platform. Well, it looks like we are going to see a special guest on this year’s edition of E3.

Netflix has announced that it will host a panel during E3 2019 which is scheduled to take place between June 11th and Jun 13th. With that said, today we are going to present you with everything that Netflix is planning to announce during the upcoming gaming event.

Netflix Will Attend E3 2019

Even though the fact that Netflix is attending E3 2019 might come as a surprise, this was actually to be expected. Netflix is known for being a company that loves to innovate and as an example of this, Netflix is the one who changed the entire video streaming industry with its platform. Now, Netflix has aimed its sights at the gaming industry.

Netflix is planning to create videogame versions of its most popular show. In fact, a Stranger Things videogame that will be launched on multiple platforms has been recently announced. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly what are the next shows that Netflix is planning to turn into videogames.

The Announcement

“Bringing your favorite shows to life. Developing Netflix originals into videogames,” tweeted the official E3 account. This leads us to believe that Netflix is working on more videogames and not just Stranger Things.

However, the biggest question that Netflix needs to answer is if its games will be similar to the ones created by Telltale where the game is more like an interactive journey where the player/viewer gets to pick and choose what the main character does.

While videogames made by Telltale might be awesome, we can’t help ourselves form hoping that Netflix goes a different route and creates AAA titles instead.