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New Fortnite Halloween-Themed Skins and Emotes Have Been Leaked


One of the best things about Fortnite is the fact that Epic Games is constantly looking for new ways to improve the gameplay experience that the famous Battle Royale has to offer. Epic Games is always “cooking up” a new update that comes with cool skins and balance changes and the dataminers known as TwoEpicBuddies have discovered a bunch of skins that are going to be introduced during upcoming future.

New Fortnite Skins

Patch v6.02 has just arrived to Fortnite on all platforms, but this doesn’t mean that Epic Games is taking a break. Dataminers have found that Epic Games is planning to release a bunch of Halloween themed skins alongside a bunch of fun emotes.

Halloween Themed Cosmetics

Epic Games loves to release skins that are themed around an event and it looks like Halloween is in the center of attention this time. The new skins and emotes that Epic Games plans to introduce are featured in the picture above and some of them look really spooky!

The all-skeleton skin is the one which looks the best according to the Fortnite community on Reddit. The Grim Reaper pickaxe is also a nice touch alongside the cloaks that players will get try out when the new update releases.

Epic Games Has Yet to Respond

The interesting thing about this latest Fortnite leak is that Epic Games has yet to issue a response confirming if the skins are the real or not. This leads us to believe that the dataminers have actually stumbled upon something real and that Epic Games is mad that it can’t use the element of surprise whenever it finally decides to release the new update.

We should also mention that the four emotes look really cool and we can already see how much fun players are going to have with the “LookAtThis” emote whenever they get a new gun or build an impressive structure.