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New Xender 4.2.2 Prime APK Brings Better UI Optimization


Xender is a powerful app that is renowned all around the web for being able to share files at fast speeds. Not just that, but Xender is also known for its ability to handle private data because of the top-notch security that it offers which ensures that no third party or will be able to intercept the data. However, Xender’s biggest strength is how simple it is to use.

The app is equipped with a friendly UI that makes it easy for everyone to share important files and to make things even better, the UI is getting a bunch of improvements in a new APK update that has been released a couple of days ago.

New Xender 4.2.2 Prime APK

The latest update for Xender sports the 4.2.2 Prime version number and its available under the form of APK. Therefore, eager Xender users can get their hands on the update right now, but they need to download and install the update manually on their smartphones because this is the case with all APK updates. With that said, let’s check out what type of goodies this new update introduces.

What’s New?

  • UI Optimization

The first thing that Xender fans are going to notice right after installing the new APK update is that the app’s UI has been slightly changed. The update introduces a bunch of software tweaks that optimize the UI so that it can perform better than it usually does.

  • Connection Optimization

One of the coolest things about Xender is the fact that this app doesn’t rely on the classic Bluetooth/USB connection methods and it does it all via Wi-Fi. Therefore, Xender fans should be pleased to know that the new APK improves the connection of the app.

  • Fixed Known Bugs

As you would expect from a new update, Xenders’ developers have made sure to include a handful of bug fixes in the new APK so that it can take care of some known bugs.