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Newly Leaked Information Describes Apple’s Non-invasive Glucose Sensor

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

Several smartwatches have shown to be accurate alternatives for traditional health monitoring devices. Although while companies like Apple have become ubiquitous in several areas, blood glucose monitoring is one they have yet to enter. Recent evidence did imply that non-pricking versions of Apple Watches will one day have this function.

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg claims that Apple has made significant strides in building a non-invasive blood sugar level tracking gadget. The maker of the iPhone is said to have developed a functional prototype that can be worn on a user’s wrist or upper arm and has the same dimensions as a standard iPhone. Moreover, measurements of blood sugar levels are acquired using an under-the-skin sensing mechanism used by the device.

According to the source, Apple has accomplished this with the help of a specialized photonic chip that injects a laser under the surface of the skin. After the light reaches the glucose in the blood, it is converted to heat. The chip will get a reflection of the quantity of heat it produces. Then, the data may be analyzed by a smartwatch or other device, and the result may be shown to the user.

Apple has reached a major milestone, but according to Gurman, the corporation still has plans to reduce the size of the gadget even lower so that it may be worn like an Apple Watch. Apple’s ultimate objective may be years away, though, due to the complexity of under-skin blood sugar monitoring.

Apple has already been said to be working on incorporating non-invasive blood sugar level technologies into smartwatches. Cupertino’s patents provided a number of suggestions, the most important of which was the use of pressure-sensing devices embedded in the watchband to monitor variations in blood pressure. When this functionality could first appear on a production, Apple Watch is yet unknown.