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Ninja Reportedly Got Paid a One Million Dollars to Play “Apex Legends” On Twitch


Instead of investing money and running a marketing campaign weeks before Apex Legends launched, EA decided that this time it wants to do something entirely different. EA and Respawn Entertainment dropped a couple of hints about Apex Legends over Twitter and then the game was launched. However, EA didn’t just wait and hope for people to notice that Apex Legends is out. EA paid some of Twitch’s biggest streamers to play the game in order to get it on the trending page, including Ninja.

EA Paid Ninja One Million Dollars to Stream Apex Legends

Ninja was one of the first Twitch streamers to play Apex Legends when the game launched and this isn’t because he was paying close attention to the Twitter account of Respawn Entertainment. The reason why Ninja was so fast to play Apex Legends is because EA has reportedly paid him one million dollars!

People are always wondering just how money popular Twitch streamers like Ninja are making from their sponsors and now, we finally have a number. The folks at Reuters were the first ones to find out about this deal and they were informed by one of their sources.

Classic Media Blitz

From the looks of it, dropping the traditional marketing campaign and going for a classic media blitz proved to be a successful move from EA. The reason why we are saying this is because more than 50 million people have joined Apex Legends in one month.

Drew McCoy who works for Respawn Entertainment said directly that the entire goal behind this clever marketing campaign was to create a “day where you couldn’t escape Apex Legends if you cared about games”.

Nonetheless, the fact that Ninja was played one million dollars to play a video game for a couple of hours shows us that apps such as Twitch are becoming the “new age” media.