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Telegram’s Popularity Skyrockets After Facebook Outage


We reported earlier today that Facebook’s family of apps which include Instagram and WhatsApp crashed for a couple of hours yesterday. This is a big problem and people who make their living on social media were freaking out. Not just that, but some people rely on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger in order to communicate with their friends and family members. Therefore, no one should be surprised to find out that more than three million people have decided to install an alternative app.

Telegram’s Popularity Has Skyrockets

Telegram is a powerful chatting app that is used by millions of people every single day. What makes Telegram special when compared to other chatting apps is the fact that Telegram doesn’t reveal any user info to anyone.

In fact, Telegram even got in trouble with the law in Russia for not wanting to provide the government with a “master key”. People can feel safe about their personal data on Telegram, unlike on Facebook.

Nonetheless, new reports are showing that more than three million people have joined Telegram yesterday while Facebook’s family of apps crashed. This information was confirmed by Telegram founder Pavel Durov who announced through his Telegram channel that “I see 3 million new users signed up for the chatting app within the last 24 hours”.

Facebook Issues

Even though Telegram’s cofounder doesn’t specify that Facebook’s outage is the reason why the chatting app’s popularity skyrocketed overnight, it’s clear that this is the reason. Facebook has been having lots of problems lately, but usually only one app crashes and this happens for less than an hour.

What happened yesterday shows us that Facebook’s server or code issue are more serious than initially thought. On the bright side of things, the folks at Telegram are having a great time right now.