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Office 365 16.20.18120801 Update – Introducing Dark Mode Support


The latest update for Office 365 for Mac sports the 16.20.18120801 build number and it has been recently released. The update introduces a bunch of features, software tweaks and a dark more. YouTube started a new trend when it launched dark mode and it looks like every other software company is following. Nonetheless, this is a good thing because the dark mode will make working in Office 365 easier on the eyes.

Office 365 16.20.18120801 Update

The new update means that everyone who owns a Mac that runs on Mojave will be able to access dark mode in the following apps: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. To make things even better, the new update also makes it possible for users to access Apple’s “Continuity Camera” feature that lets them insert photos directly from an iPhone into PowerPoint.

The patch notes for the update also included a how-to guide for the new feature:

  • Take a photo then add it;
  • Open an editable document on your Mac in PowerPoint;
  • Select where you want to insert the photo by control-clicking in the document;
  • Under the name of the iOS device you’ll use to take the photo, select “Take Photo”;
  • On your iOS device, the camera app opens. Take a photo with it;
  • If you’re satisfied with the captured image, tap “Use Photo”. (Or, if you want to try again, tap “Retake”);
  • After a moment, the photo is inserted in the document on your Mac. You may now style, move, or resize it in any way you like.

We should mention that Office 365 users will only be able to take regular photos. Apple’s “Continuity Camera” doesn’t support video modes, filters, HDR, Live Photo or square mode options. In addition, all captured photos are going to be transferred over to the Mac in HEIF format.