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OnePlus Will Soon Unveil A Fully Customizable Mechanical Keyboard

Credit: OnePlus

OnePlus entered the market for mid-range smartphones with the introduction of the Nord portfolio. This move came after the company had a great deal of success in its earlier years with the introduction of reasonably priced flagship models. After the initial OnePlus Nord was a commercial and critical success, the company progressively expanded its product line to include more low-cost smartphones, wireless earphones, accessories, wearables, and even smart televisions. However, it does not appear that the company’s work is complete at this time.

A recent announcement made by OnePlus detailed the company’s intentions to launch its first monitor onto the market. Now, in order to produce its first “completely configurable” mechanical keyboard, it has partnered with Keychron, a company that manufactures mechanical keyboards. At the moment, OnePlus hasn’t disclosed a lot of information on the keyboard, but a post on one of its community forums hints that it will have a sturdy structure with a soft-touch feel and will offer a variety of customization choices, including different switches and keycaps.

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On December 15, OnePlus plans to release additional information on its mechanical keyboard, and we cannot wait to find out what the business has in store for other customers and us. However, given that OnePlus has stated that it is collaborating with Keychron to design its keyboard, we won’t be surprised if it turns out to be a rebranded Keychron board with a few modifications. OnePlus has confirmed that it is working with Keychron to develop its keyboard.

In addition, although OnePlus has stated that the keyboard will be completely customizable, the likelihood of this happening is quite low. The corporation might provide customers the opportunity to select the keycaps and switches that work best for them. It remains to see how many options will be available for customers.