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Opera Browser 54.2.2672.49907 Update – Refreshed User Interface and New Theme Support


Even though Google Chrome is pre-installed on all Android powered smartphones, this doesn’t mean that Android fans are not allowed to explore and search for other options. There many other premium mobile browsers that offer amazing user experiences and Opera Browser is one of them.

The mobile browser is equipped with a plethora of cool features that make it much better than Google Chrome and the perfect example of this is the free VPN service that it offers. To top it all off, Opera Browser is updated on a regular basis with improvements that are taking its performances to the next level.

Opera Browser 54.2.2672.49907 Update

If you enjoy using Opera Browser in order to surf the web on the go, then we have some great news to share with you. The developers who are in charge of the mobile browser have recently published a brand-new update that sports the 54.2.2672.49907 version number and it’s available to download right now. With that said, let’s go ahead and check out everything there is to know about the update.

Refreshed UI and Theme Support

Opera Browser fans should be pleased to find out that the new update for the mobile browser introduces lots of improvements to the UI (user interface). Not just that, but the update also adds theme support in order to make it easier for Opera Browser fans to customize the user experience.

Top 9 Highlight Features

Now that we have presented the latest update for Opera Browser, let’s take a look at what are the best features that the app has to offer.

  • Block ads for faster browsing:
    Opera’s native ad blocker effectively helps you get rid of intrusive ads and loads your pages faster to streamline your browsing experience. Now, we have added the option to eliminate a vast majority of annoying cookie and privacy dialogs.

    ● Free, unlimited and built-in VPN:
    Improve your privacy and security with our built-in and free VPN. Turn on Opera VPN in private mode and your IP address will be replaced with a virtual one to help you avoid unintended location and identification information sharing.

    ● Personalized news feed:
    Powered by our smartest AI news engine, the rebooted news feed allows you to swipe through a selection of personalized news channels within the browser, subscribe to your favorite topics, and save stories to read later. Catch up on AI-curated news specially tailored for your interests.

    ● Night mode:
    Opera’s night mode provides you adjustable lighting options to get the most comfortable reading experience in the dark and the least eye strain. Night mode is easily accessible from the main menu.

    ● Manage passwords and autofill credit cards:
    Opt in for automatic saving of passwords site by site and safely autofill your payment information for online shopping.

    ● Private browsing:
    Use private tabs to go incognito anywhere on the Internet without leaving a trace on your device. Easily switch between private and normal browsing in the tab gallery.

    ● Read comfortably on any screen:
    The Opera browser includes a text size setting which helps you adapt pages according to your reading preferences. More importantly, it works perfectly together with our automatic text wrap feature for an unparalleled reading experience.

    ● Manage downloads easily:
    Our new download manager makes downloading files easier and faster than ever! You can easily sort and share each downloaded item, delete them from your phone or remove them from your list of downloads with a quick swipe to the right or left side. We even support background downloading when you have a download running but need to open another application!

    ● Home screen shortcuts:
    Available on Android versions 7.1 or later, Opera offers fast access from the home screen to search, open a new private tab or scan QR codes. To create your own home screen shortcut, long tap on the Opera icon in your device’s home screen and tap your desired function.