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Opera Mini – fast web browser 64.0.2254.62635 APK Brings Fixes

Source: opera.com

Opera Mini always remains that nice alternative to other mobile browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge. Browsing on smartphones has grown in popularity tremendously in the last decade, and obviously, developers have no other choice but to adapt and improve their software.

It’s also the case for Opera Mini, as the mobile app is now reaching the 64.0.2254.62635 update that fixes some of its technical issues.

What’s new

You can go ahead and grab the Opera Mini – fast web browser 64.0.2254.62635 APK via APKMirror, and that will grant you a nice set of fixes for performance and stability.

The change log doesn’t go into detail, but it’s still enough to make us all curious! Furthermore, installing the latest version of an app is pretty much always a good way to make sure that everything works as planned.

There’s a single download version for Opera Mini – fast web browser 64.0.2254.62635: an APK bundle of 19 splits. It requires only 21.54MB of your phone’s storage space, and it works only on Android 5 and above.

Do you need even more reasons to be convinced that Opera Mini is worth using? Check out how the description from the Google Play Store sounds:

“Opera Mini allows you to browse the internet fast and privately whilst saving up to 90% of your data. The Opera Mini internet browser has a massive amount of functionalities all in one app and is trusted by millions of users around the world every day.”

Opera Mini is being developed only for Android users. However, it’s interesting to know that the app was previously available for iOS, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 10 Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Bada.

The Opera Mini developers claim that their app is the fastest browser, and who are we to contradict them?