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TubeMate v3 3.4.8 (1331) APK Brings Important Fixes

Source: Pixabay

TubeMate remains a trusted app by those who are willing to download content from YouTube. The famous video streaming platform has 800 million videos, and the fields it covers are endless: music, movies, theatre, football, comedy, football, basketball, astronomy, biology, cooking, and many more.

Therefore, there’s a lot of content available on YouTube and endless interest in creating it. As for TubeMate, the app has now received its v3 3.4.8 update, and you can grab it right away if you meet the system requirements. You need at least Android 4.1 running on your phone.

What’s new

TubeMate v3 3.4.8 comes with some important fixes on board, and you should definitely keep them in mind:

  • A fix for an issue regarding the download speed
  • A fix for the error causing the filename to be too long

TubeMate is arguably the most famous and fastest YouTube downloader. If you’re not satisfied with the default settings, you can always activate the fast download mode.

You can even pause and resume a download at pretty much anytime while using TubeMate.

Just in case you lack an internet connection, you can always use TubeMate to watch the videos you’ve already downloaded. However, surely it’s hard not to be connected to the internet in 2022, and not just because Elon Musk is preparing to provide internet access to everyone through its Starlink satellites.

If you know a YouTube downloader app that’s faster than TubeMate, please feel free to let us know in the comment section!