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Pictures Of A Newer Version Of The Meta Watch Have Been Spotted Online


Images that seem to have been leaked revealing a second-generation Meta Watch have been discovered online. The wristwatch has a unique appearance with a notch designed just for one of its cameras, in addition to its other functions.

Eight months after Bloomberg published photographs of a prototype for a product that was ultimately scrapped, Kuba Wojciechowski has revealed information regarding a second-generation Meta Watch. Bloomberg said that Meta had “ceased development” of the wristwatch in order to focus on “other gadgets for the wrist.” Despite the fact that they did not provide any information about the nature of these potential alternative devices, Bloomberg made this claim. The full scope of Meta’s objectives is still unclear; nevertheless, the company has improved upon its ‘V1’ prototype by developing a second-generation model that is visually comparable.

Because of this, the second-generation model features a chassis in the form of a squircle, and inside that chassis is a display that is flat, with relatively tiny bezels. The display and bezels of the Meta, however, are punctuated by a front-facing camera, which differentiates it from other current smartwatches. In addition to the sensor array and the five pogo pins, Meta has provided the gadget with two hardware buttons and a second camera, all of which are located on the bottom of the device. It is likely that the charging for the Meta smartwatch will be handled by the latter.

In addition, the smartwatch is compatible with proprietary watch bands that already have cases built into them, as opposed to having a separate locking mechanism for each band. Wojciechowski also mentions that the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and a modified version of Android are used in the Meta wristwatch rather than Wear OS. It seems that Meta has made modifications to the sensor array as well as aesthetic adjustments with this model of the second generation. It is still unknown when the album will be made available, however Wojciechowski says