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Pixel 3 XL Lite – Leaked Press Render and 360 Video are Here


We reported one month ago that Google is secretly working on an affordable version of Pixel 3. The new smartphone is called Pixel 3 Lite and it will ship with downgraded specs and a much cheaper price. However, it looks like Pixel 3 Lite is not the only affordable smartphone that the Android parent is planning to launch in 2019. The reason why we are saying this is because a leaked press render and a 360 video show us that Google is also adding the finishing touches to Pixel 3 XL Lite.

Pixel 3 XL Lite

The new leak comes from the highly popular leakster “OnLeaks” and it reveals to us that Google is determined to conquer the mid-range smartphone market in 2019. The leak confirms that a new Android smartphone called Pixel 3 XL Lite is going to hit the market soon and that it will look just like the standard version of Pixel 3 XL.

Same Design

The leaked press render and video make it clear that Pixel 3 XL Lite will feature the same design as the original Android flagship. This is a great decision from Google’s part because Pixel 3 XL is renowned for its sleek design and the Lite version wouldn’t have been so successful if it didn’t ship with a top-notch display.

Compromising On Hardware Specs

Even though Pixel 3 XL Lite might ship with the same premium design as the original model, Google is going to downgrade the hardware specs department. The Android parent needs to compromise on hardware specs so that it can lower the price of Pixel 3 XL Lite and make it fit in the affordable price range.

Affordable Smartphone

Apple was the first big tech company to try and take over the mid-range market with iPhone XR and now, it looks like Google wants a piece of the cake too. Does this mean that affordable smartphones are becoming the new trend?