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PlayStation Vue Receives Apple TV, iPhone and iPad Support


Sony is one of the world’s biggest tech companies and it seems like it has a product for every market starting with gaming and ending with video services. PlayStation Vue is a video streaming service that has been slowly but surely growing its user base to the level that it might soon present a threat to other similar services such as HBO Go and Netflix.

What makes PlayStation Vue stand out when compared to all the other similar services is the fact that it’s easily accessible through PlayStation consoles. Fortunately for PlayStation fans, the accessibility of PlayStation Vue is now being expanded to Apple TVs, iPhones and iPads.

PlayStation Vue Receives Apple TV, iPhone and iPad Support

PlayStation Vue is the world’s first streaming service to receive support on Apple TV, iPhone and iPad. This is a big achievement for Sony and it shows us that the tech giant is taking PlayStation Vue in the right direction.

PlayStation Vue fans will now be able to access the services directly through their Apple TVs or other iOS powered devices. This is a great addition to the plethora of features that PlayStation Vue had to offer and it’s surely going to draw more subscribers to the video streaming service.

Apple Plans to Overhaul TV Application

We should also mention that Apple is planning to overhaul its TV application and adding support for PlayStation Vue was the first step. Apple announced that it wants to introduce support for other streaming services such as HBO and even for on-demand cable networks in the nearby future.

This is great news for Apple fans who enjoy using the TV application because it means they will find it easier to access their favorite shows since they will not need to download third-party apps for every network or service that they want to follow.