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Revolutionary Amazon Alexa Whisper Mode is Now Available in the US


Amazon is leading the world in terms of AI technology advancements. Even though Apple and Google are doing their best to keep up in this AI race, Amazon is always two steps ahead of everyone. The perfect example of this is the Whisper Mode for Alexa.

The Whisper Mode uses revolutionary technology in order to determine when a person is whispering so that it can respond with the same tone, but this is way more complicated than it sounds.

Alexa Whisper Mode

Zenab Raeesy is a speech scientist who works for the Amazon Alexa Speech Group and he is the one who revealed just how difficult it can be for Alexa to determine when someone is whispering.

The speech scientist says that Alexa will use a neural network which is basically layers of mathematical functions that follow the human brain’s neurons in order to make difference between normal speaking and whispered words.

The problem that the speech scientist needed to solve is the fact that whispering does not rely on the vibration of the vocal cords and instead, whispering words are much lower in frequency bands.

Natural, Intuitive Responses

“If you’re in a room where a child had just fallen asleep, and someone walks in, you might start speaking in a whisper, to indicate that you’re trying to keep the room quiet. The other person will probably start whispering too. We would like Alexa to react to conversational cues in just such as natural, intuitive way” wrote Zenab Raeesy.

The Mode is Available in the US

Nonetheless, the Whisper Mode is now available in the US and everyone can check it out. Alexa Chief Scientist Rohit Prasad said that the mode is still in the early stages and that it will be enhanced to also recognize emotional states during the upcoming future.