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Pokemon GO Doesn’t Offer Support for Specific Android Version Anymore

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Gathering 15 million downloads only in its first week of release back in 2016, Pokemon GO doesn’t seem like it will be forgotten too soon. Working for Android, iOS, and iPadOS, the famous augmented-reality game is not offering support anymore for a specific version of Google’s operating system for mobiles.

The gaming world constantly changes, and players don’t have any other way but to adapt or stop playing. It may sound harsh, but it’s just how things work in this huge industry, where pretty much nobody makes compromises.

Pokemon GO halts support for Android 6 “Marshmallow” devices

If you have a phone that still runs on the Android 6 operating system or another version below it, it means that you must upgrade if you still want to play Pokemon GO. Futuregamereleases.com is the publication bringing the news of the augmented-reality game’s discontinued support, adding that Niantic itself, both the developer and publisher of the game, made the announcement.

Fans of Pokemon GO who have phones running on Android 7 and above are not affected by Niantic’s decision.

If we take a look at the big picture, we can easily conclude that the decision to halt the support for Android 6 devices is indeed justified. The Android version is almost seven years old already, and many things have changed for Google’s operating system since those times.

Pokemon GO has a lot of ways to make the player feel as if he is a true Pokemon master, just like in the iconic anime. He can capture Pokemon, train them, engage them in battles, win badges, participate in various events, and more. But perhaps the biggest advantage is that the player can meet other Pokemon fans from all over the world and form friendships.

You can download Pokemon GO from Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store.