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Puma Launches Its First-Ever Smartwatch Powered by Snapdragon Wear 3100 CPU


Puma has announced that it wants to get involved in the smartwatch industry and that it wants to do this by launching its first-ever wearable device at IFA 2019 which takes place this week. Puma is a world-renowned sports brand and it has teamed up with Fossil Group in order to create a brand-new smartwatch. Puma and Fossil Group have worked for a total of 12 months to design and produce the smartwatch that runs on Wear OS and it’s powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Wear 3100 chipset.

Introducing: The Puma Smartwatch

Since Puma is such a big sports brand, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the expectations bar for the new smartwatch is set really high. Therefore, Puma and Fossil Group have made sure to create a sleek-looking design for the smartwatch and to equip it with some of the best hardware parts available on the market such as a 1.19-inch round AMOLED display that houses a cut-out nylon and aluminum 44mm case.

The smartwatch is targeting sports fans and therefore, it’s going to be swim-proof and it will weigh in at only 0.06 pounds. The reason why the smartwatch is so light is because Puma and Fossil Group have used some innovative cut-outs on the side of the smartwatch in order to reduce the overall weight.

Internal Hardware

While the design of the Puma smartwatch might be amazing, the smartwatch is even more impressive when we take a look at the hardware parts that are “hiding under the hood”.

The smartwatch is equipped with 4GB of internal storage space which is quite a lot for a wearable device and a total of 512MB RAM which ensure that the Puma smartwatch will be able to handle heavy-duty tasks without any issues. To top it all off, Puma is guarantying that the smartwatch’s battery can last for more than 24 hour on a single charge.