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Ransomware Can Now Be Remotely Installed On DSLR Cameras


Ransomware is one of the biggest threats to a computer system and now, it has been proven that it can also be installed on DSLR cameras. Yes, you read that right! Bad actors can now take over your DSLR camera and copy or modify files that are stored on the microSD card. The folks at Check Point Software Technologies where the ones to discover this and they have issued a report that details all the steps that bad actors can take in order to take over a DSLR camera.

Ransomware for DLSR Cameras

Eyal Itkin is a security researcher for Check Point Software Technology and he is the one who demonstrated in a short one minute video (linked below) just how easy it is to remotely install malware on a DSLR camera. According to the researcher, he needed to use the standardized Picture Transfer Protocol in order to deliver the ransomware. To make things even worse, the security researcher was unauthenticated and he could install the ransomware through both Wi-Fi and USB if he wished to do it.

The Risk of Ransomware

The security researcher is saying that there are many ways that bad actors could use this type of ransomware with the most effective one being to release the ransomware at a popular tourist location where people would surely take lots of photos with their DSLR cameras. After doing this, bad actors could ask for money in exchange to release the pictures that are locked on the microSD card.

Canon Knows About This Issue

The security experiment was performed on a Canon E0S 80D and according to Check Point Software Technologies, Canon was informed about this issue since back in March. Canon is already working on a patch that is going to take care of this issue.