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Real Estate Developer Danny Haber Brings Cutting-Edge Tech to the Scene


oWOW is an innovative company in the real estate industry. Founded by Danny Haber and Alon Gutman, this private enterprise is invested in solving two overarching objectives: the urgent housing crisis and provide socially-driven technologies for improving the housing situation in luxury apartment-style living at affordable prices. The company focuses on vertical integration, in terms of software, architecture, development and construction, et al.

Danny Haber’s energy has been directed towards the greater San Francisco Bay Area, with a strong focus on low-income earners, and high-income earners. As a ‘take charge’ real estate developer, Haber is seeking to carve out multiple new housing developments intended for the ‘missing middle’. oWOW is already on track with the development of hundreds of units across multiple sites in the greater San Francisco area. Consumers are benefitting from the construction of new housing developments, and thanks to the vertically integrated structure, construction goals are being achieved much more easily. High housing costs, limited availability, and excess demand are some of the many underlying challenges facing potential homeowners and tenants.

Haber’s units are deemed ‘macro apartments’- a variant of the term ‘micro apartments’ geared towards singles. With Haber’s developments, it’s possible to construct 3-bedroom units in new developments. One of the latest initiatives is taking place at 1919 Market Street, in Oakland, CA. The average square footage of the Market Street apartments is 850 square feet with monthly rentals in the $4000 price range. In the Bay Area, these types of rentals are common with several roommates sharing expenses to make it all affordable. Based on a affordable living concept designed for tech-savvy folks in the Silicon Valley area, oWOW makes it much easier for people to enjoy the benefits of luxury living. Haber has focused his energy on the construction and development of these macro units. By buying up old, dilapidated buildings and renovating them, Haber’s tenants benefit from lower-cost living in expertly-designed apartments.

The Bay Area suffers from a severe housing crisis. With limited supply, Danny Haber is capitalizing on the existing stock of real estate to upgrade, renovate and remodel for maximum cost-effectiveness for tenants and aspiring homeowners. One of the resources used by Haber’s teams is known as ‘Magic Walls’. Otherwise known as a flexible wall system, the Magic Walls make it easy to transform an efficiency studio into apartments suited to multiple tenants with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. All of these modular units are factory built and include impressive developments in the following projects: 960 Howard Street, 316 12th Street, 1919 Market Street, and 674 23rd Street. As a result of Haber’s efforts, other real estate developers are attempting to mimic his successes, by adopting innovative development and design solutions.

Building Stronger Communities Across Oakland

Danny Haber’s goals are focused on developing neighborhoods through community outreach initiatives. These include support for the development of many community projects. For example, the opening up of a food market and café in West Oakland. Since the area has been devoid of the supermarket for four decades, Haber is working with community members to showcase these and many other types of jobs that are currently available to build communities in neighborhoods where Haber’s projects are up-and-running. The goal is to build affordable housing with luxury living apartments. Haber’s innovative ideas have helped to reinvent the housing industry by providing access to exceptional quality in one of the most desirable real estate enclaves on the West Coast. These types of repeatable designs can be fully customized to meet expectations, saving dramatically on time and construction costs and bringing tailored homes to renters in the Bay Area. By providing a beautiful product at dramatically reduced costs, oWOW is catering to folks who are on a budget but seek high-quality living.