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Reportedly, Apple Is Developing A Smart Display For Use In Controlling Smart Homes

Credit: Unsplash.com

A fresh report suggests that Apple’s goals for the smart home are considerably more ambitious than what the firm revealed earlier today when it debuted its most recent smart speaker product. Apple is said to be hard at work developing a slew of new products in order to strengthen its position as a rival to Google and Amazon in this market, according to the ever-present insiders who are privy to the company’s intentions.

The new initiative will start off with a smart display that will basically be a low-end iPad and will have magnetic fasteners that will allow it to be mounted on walls or in other locations. In addition to being able to play films and manage FaceTime conversations, this will also be able to operate the smart home devices in your house, like as the thermostat and the lights.

This kind of countertop and wall-mounted appliance has evidently been more popular in recent years, and both Amazon and Google already have items on the market that are comparable to it, namely the Echo Show and the Nest Hub, respectively. As a result, this gadget is going to be manufactured. The rumored release date for Apple’s intelligent display is set for 2019.

Apple may possibly be thinking about developing a home stand that is compatible with modern iPads. Even bigger smart home screens have reportedly being explored internally at Apple, but it does not seem that a decision has been reached about whether or not the company would introduce any of them.

The next version of the Apple TV, which is expected to be released in the first half of the year after next, is said to have the same design as the present model but will reportedly be equipped with a more powerful CPU.