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Ring Launched The Ring Car Cam, A Two-way Dashboard Camera For Your Car

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If having Ring cameras installed in your home isn’t enough for you, Amazon, Ring’s parent firm, will soon offer customers the option of installing them in their vehicles.

The technology business made the announcement that it would be releasing the Ring Car Cam, which is a little camera with two-way audio that is mounted on the dashboard of your car. A listing on Amazon’s website indicates that the price of the Ring Car Cam will go up to $249.99 after January 31, even though it can now be pre-ordered for the lower price of $199.99. The cameras are scheduled to make their official debut on February 15th.

How exactly does the Ring Car Cam function?

Whether the vehicle is moving or at a halt, the dashboard-mounted, dual-facing camera can take pictures of the environment outside the vehicle as well as those taken within the passenger compartment.

The Car Cam, much like the security cameras used in homes, is equipped with sensors that can detect motion, such as an attempted break-in, and immediately begin recording. Ring app users will then get a notification and a live feed from the camera when motion is detected.

In the event that the user is pulled over or is involved in a minor collision, they are able to begin recording thanks to a function built into the camera known as the Traffic Stop function.

The camera may be connected to a cellular network and is powered by the vehicle’s battery; however, owners are required to subscribe to the Ring Protect Go service in order to use it.

According to Amazon, the gadget includes a privacy shutter for the interior of the vehicle that blocks any video or audio transmissions. In addition to that, it offers full end-to-end encryption for any and all video recordings. There is also an LED light that illuminates anytime the camera is capturing either video or audio.

Ring and Amazon both have their own online storefronts where customers can make a purchase of the item. Customers have the option of purchasing a membership to Ring Protect Go for an additional fee of either $6 per month or $60 per year.

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