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Saints Row: The ‘Heist and The Hazardous’ DLC is Coming Soon

Credit: Volition

Saints Row was revived in 2022 as a brand new game after the developer Volition and publisher Deep Silver joined forces. Although it carries the huge legacy of a game series that’s actually 16 years old, Saints Row is now a much more immersive game than ever before.

Just in the style of any other major game series out there, we can realistically anticipate that the Saints Row game of 2022 will keep receiving new DLCs for plenty of time. For now, the new ‘Heist and The Hazardous’ DLC is the star of the show.

When is the ‘Heist and The Hazardous’ DLC coming out?

Saints Row will soon receive the ‘Heist and The Hazardous’ DLC, and the information is confirmed by the launch trailer of the expansion.

However, we still have three days to wait until we can see exactly what the launch trailer for Saints Row’s expansion has to tell us. We’re gladly leaving you the link here so you can check it out later:

Here’s what the description of the upcoming DLC tells us, courtesy of gagadget.com:

“It’s time for revenge, Saints Style.

When obnoxious movie star Chris Hardy double-crosses the Boss on a successful assassination hit, the Saints take sweet revenge with a swaggering, stylish, black-tie heist.

Set in the opulent district of Sunshine Springs, The Heist and the Hazardous expansion delivers brand new story missions for 1-2 players, and slick new cosmetics, rewards and tools of destruction to use across the main campaign.”

Here’s what the DLC will include:

  • 3 new campaign missions
  • MDI-815A helicopter
  • Pain & Gain weapon
  • Aijuice wingsuit events
  • Sunshine Springs Mini-HQ
  • 18 new outfits and cosmetics
  • 4 new wingsuit designs

Are you ready to rumble in Saints Row’s upcoming DLC? Feel free to tell us what you think in a comment below, as we’re eager to find out what others stand for!