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Samsung Accidentally Leaks Galaxy S10 Design and New One UI


Galaxy S10 is Samsung’s next-generation flagship smartphone and all smartphone fans want to find out everything there is to know about it. Tech leaskters have made it their top priority to try and get their hands on unreleased Galaxy S10 press renders ever since the smartphone was announced, but now, Samsung is the one who leaked something important about Galaxy S10. Samsung has never been good at keeping secrets and this time it accidentally leaked the design of Galaxy S10 and its UI (user interface).

Samsung Accidentally Leaks Galaxy S10

The picture featured above has surfaced on the web earlier today and everyone has been talking about it ever since. The crazy thing about this leak is that Samsung was the one to accidentally leak it and it reveals both the design of the next-generation flagship and the UI that it will use which looks great.

Brand-New One UI

Samsung talked about its brand-new One UI last year and promised that it will offer a premium and user experience that’s going to make it more enjoyable for Galaxy S10 users to surf the web on their smartphones. This picture gives us the first glimpse of Samsung’s new UI and it shows us that Samsung has made it so that the upper part is used for “Viewing” and the bottom one for “Interaction”.

Release Date

Nonetheless, Galaxy S10 is scheduled to launch on February 20th which is days before the Mobile World Congress starts. Therefore, we won’t have to wait that long until we can see the new smartphone in all its glory and for Samsung to release a detailed guide about its new One UI experience. Although, if Samsung keeps accidentally leaking pictures like this, then we won’t have to wait until February after all.