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Jio Phone Now Available with Xender (File-Sharing App)


The great thing about buying Jio Phone smartphones is that people don’t spend too much money on them. Smartphones that run on Jio Phone are renowned for being affordable and reliable. They are the perfect smartphones for people who don’t like spending too much money on a handheld device and this is what makes them so popular.

On the downside of things, the companies who create Jio Phone smartphones need to compromise on hardware specs in order to make them affordable. Therefore, Jio Phone smartphones will more than often feature entry-level specs. Although, the worst thing about using a Jio Phone smartphone is the fact that it will not run on Google’s Android operating system

Jio Phone Apps

Jio Phone smartphones are not Android powered devices and this means that they don’t get access to lots of apps. This can be quite annoying, especially when knowing that people use an Android powered smartphone get to download and install hundreds of free apps. Luckily, more and more apps are starting to see that there is a market in Jio Phone smartphones and they keep introducing support for them with Xender being the latest.

Xender Adds Support for Jio Phone

Xender is a powerful app that excels at sharing files. The app can share files at speeds that reach up to 20 MB/s. This is super impressive and it’s 200 times faster than Bluetooth! Although, the best feature that Xender has to offer is its ability to share all types of files starting with basic pictures, videos, documents and ending with phone contacts and fully installed apps and other software.


With that being said, people who use a Jio Phone powered smartphone should be pleased to know that they can install Xender and share files at superfast speeds. To make things even better, the security of Xender is top-notch and the quality of the files that are being shared through it won’t lose any of their quality in the process.