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Samsung Announces Limited Edition “Ice Blue” Version of Galaxy S9


Even though everyone is waiting for Samsung to reveal its next-generation flagship Galaxy S10, we shouldn’t forget that Galaxy S9 is the device that currently holds the title of being Samsung’s flagship. This means that Galaxy S9 is the best smartphone that Samsung to offer in 2019 and that it gets the full and undivided attention of the South Korean based tech giant.

With that being said, no one should be surprised to find out that Samsung has announced today that a special color version of Galaxy S9 called Ice Blue is going to be made available for purchase.

Ice Blue Color Variant

As all Samsung fans already know, the South Korean based tech giant loves to launch special color variants of its smartphones that can’t be acquired on launch day. This is exactly what’s happening with the Ice Blue version of Galaxy S9 right now. Nonetheless, the new Galaxy S9 is priced $790 and the bigger Galaxy S9 Plus is priced at $934.

Chinese Exclusivity

On the downside of things, the cool looking Ice Blue color variant of Galaxy S9 is not available to all Samsung fans. Samsung has made this variant of Galaxy S9 available only to Chinese residents and we don’t know if Samsung plans to release it in Europe and the US as well. Although, let’s hope that Samsung does launch the Ice Blue variant of Galaxy S9 in more regions because the smartphone looks amazing in this color.

Galaxy S9 Specs

Let’s check out some of Galaxy S9’s key hardware specs so that we can refresh our memories. The smartphone ships with a big 5.8-inches Super AMOLED display that is coupled to an octa-core Exynos 9810 processor that clocks at 27GHz. Moreover, the processor is paired with a Mali-G72 MP18 graphics processing unit and 4GB of RAM.