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Xender – The Best App for Android File-Sharing


Have you ever tried to share files with one of your friends through Bluetooth and had to wait nearly ten minutes for a large file to finish sharing? This is one of the most annoying things ever. However, things get even more annoying when your smartphone doesn’t let you share files with your friends because they own a smartphone that runs on a different operating system than your own.

Fortunately, nowadays there is an app that makes everything easier and Xender is the perfect example of that. Xender is the ideal app for people who like sharing files with their friends and family members because it simplifies the process, but not just that. Xender comes with a plethora of features that users can benefit from and today we are going to present the most important ones.

Sharing Files with Xender

People who decide to give Xender a try will find out that this app doesn’t rely on Bluetooth or USB connections when it comes to sharing files and instead, Xender makes use of the NFC port that all smartphones ship with. This makes it possible for Xender to connect multiple smartphones in an instant and to share files at speeds that reach up to 40 MB/s. This means that Xender is 200 times faster than Bluetooth!

Supported Files

One of the best things about using Xender as your primary app when it comes to sharing files is that Xender supports all types of files. Yes, you read that right! Xender lets users send any type of files they want starting with pictures, videos, GIFs and ending with pre-installed apps. Therefore, Xender is a great app for people who have purchased a new smartphone and want to transfer all their data from the older device.