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Withings Launches Pulse HR with a Battery that Lasts for 20 Days


After being absent from the market for this past couple of years, Withings decided to make a comeback and launch a new fitness-oriented device that is expected to compete against the likes of Fitbit. Withings has launched its second device on the tech market and it is called Pulse HR. This gadget is a wearable fitness tracker that comes with a new design when compared to the previous Pules HR model.

The new wearable device from Withings looks promising with features such as support for smartphone notifications and exercise tracking for example, but can it compete against Fitbit?

Withings Launches Pulse HR

The feature that stands out the most about Pulse HR is its PGP heart-rate sensor that will give detailed HRM information to users while they are in workout mode. If the workout mode is finished, Pulse HR will only sample the user’s pulse every ten minutes. The reason why this wearable gadget is not continuously testing the user’s pulse is that this way, Pulse HR’s battery can last for days on end.

The Battery Lasts for 20 Days!

Since we are talking about the battery life of Pulse HR, we need to mention that Withings is reporting that the wearable gadget has a battery which can last for 20 continuous days with a single charge. This is super impressive and the long-lasting battery is surely going to get fitness fans interested in Pulse HR.

OLED Display

OLED displays are taking over the tech industry and there’s no doubt about that. Every major tech company has started using OLED technology on its devices instead of LED because of the rich and warm colors that OLED offers. The same thing has happened with Withings because Pulse HR ships with a vertical OLED panel that can be submerged underwater at depths of up to 50 meters.