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Samsung Announces Notebook 9 Pen with New Features


The 2019 edition of CES is only a couple of weeks away, but Samsung wants to get its fans excited for the event ahead of time. The reason we are saying this is because Samsung has announced a new Notebook 9 Pen laptop that will ship with a 15-inches display and a 2-in-1 model. The upcoming Samsung laptop looks great and one of the biggest improvements that it brings is an enhanced S Pen.

Notebook 9 Pen

Samsung is going to equip its next-generation laptop with a new S Pen. This is great news for Samsung fans who are interested in buying the laptop because the new S Pen will feature improved latency and its tips can be replaced which makes it a great accessory to have for people who like to draw.

Hardware Improvements

Since this is a next-generation laptop we are talking about, it should come as no surprise that Samsung is also enhancing the device’s hardware specs. Although, the hardware improvements are not too impressive.

Samsung announced that Notebook 9 Pen will be powered by the latest 8th Generation Intel processor. Not just that, but Notebook 9 Pen will also feature a gigabit Wi-Fi and an overhauled port selection that comes with two Thunderbolt 3 ports and one USB-C plug. In addition, Notebook 9 Pen’s port selection will feature a microSD slot and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Expected Launch Date

Notebook 9 Pen is going to be officially revealed during the CES 2019 event and the laptop is probably going to be listed for pre-order a few weeks after the event. Let’s hope that Samsung also brings some improvements to the overall quality of the laptop because the current model has a “cheap” feel to it because its case is made from plastic.