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Samsung Galaxy A8S Revealed in TENAA Report


We reported earlier today that one of Samsung’s upcoming smartphones dubbed Galaxy A50 has been spotted on GeekBench and that its ready to launch during the upcoming weeks. Well, it looks like Galaxy A50 is not the only smartphone that Samsung is currently working on. The reason we are saying this because a newly leaked TENAA report reveals the design for Galaxy A8S.

Galaxy A8S TENAA Report

For those who are unfamiliar with TENAA, this is the Chinese version of the FCC. Therefore, all companies who want to launch new smartphones in China need to get them certified by TENAA first. With that being said, the fact that Galaxy A8S shows up in a TENAA report means that Samsung is planning to launch it soon. Nonetheless, let’s check out what features we can take from the leak.

Infinity-O Display and Fingerprint Scanner

The feature that stands out the most in this latest Galaxy A8S leak is the smartphone’s next-generation Infinity-O display. This is the display that Samsung is planning to use on the 2019 Galaxy S10 flagship. We can also see that Galaxy A8S will ship with a fingerprint scanner that is mounted on the rear side.

Dual Camera-Setup

We should also mention that the leaked TENAA report reveals that Galaxy A8S will feature a dual camera-setup. Although, this was to be expected since Samsung loves to equip all its smartphones with high-end cameras.

Expected Launch Date

Right from the start, we need to mention that Samsung has yet to even confirm that Galaxy A8S exists. However, we believe that Galaxy A8S will probably launch in March 2019. The reason we believe this is because Galaxy S10 is scheduled to launch in February 2019 and we think it’s safe to say that Samsung doesn’t any other smartphone to have the privilege of introducing the Infinity-O display.