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Samsung Galaxy F is the Smartphone of the Future (VIDEO LEAK)


As every Samsung fan already knows, the South Korean based tech giant is getting ready to launch three models of Galaxy S10 during the upcoming Mobile World Congress tech event. Well, a recently leaked video is showing to us that Galaxy S10 is not the only smartphone that we are going to see at the Mobile World Congress.

Galaxy F is Samsung’s futuristic foldable smartphone and everyone is talking about it. This device is said to innovate the smartphone industry with its unique features and powerful hardware specs. Fortunately for us, we got lucky and the video reveal of Galaxy F has been leaked online!

Galaxy F Video Gets Leaked

Samsung is a successful company that creates premium products. However, there is something that Samsung just can’t do and that is to keep a secret. Samsung has proved time and time again that keeping secrets is not its strongest point and therefore, no one should be surprised that the announcement video of Galaxy F has somehow leaked on the web.

Futuristic World

We have linked the YouTube video of Galaxy F down below so that everyone can check it out and see the innovative smartphone for themselves. The interesting thing about this leaked announcement video is that Samsung is trying to say that the Galaxy F is the smartphone of the future.

The video gives everyone a glimpse of what the world might look like in a hundred years by showing gadgets such as remote controlled tattoo machines and an augmented reality game in which the entire town participates in order to take down monsters.

Final Words

The leaked video is incredible and there is no doubt about that. Samsung might be bad at keeping secrets, but it always does a great job when it comes to marketing and the video we linked below is the perfect example of that.