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Samsung Galaxy S10: Developer Finds Clever Use for the Display Cutout (Battery Indicator)


It’s been one month since Samsung launched Galaxy S10 and developers have already found clever ways to make the highly criticized display cutout useful. Samsung decided that it doesn’t want to follow in Apple’s footsteps and equip Galaxy S10 with a top-notch in order to make room for the selfie camera and instead, Samsung simply made a small cutout in the top right side of the display.

Special Battery Indicator

Nonetheless, the XDA Recognized Developer known as “jagan2” has come up with a clever use for the cutout that all Galaxy S10 users will love. The developer has created an app that uses the cutout’s positions in order to place a configurable battery indicator around the camera shaped like a ring.

Customization Options

Galaxy S10 users can customize everything about the right starting with the direction of its depletion and ending with thickness and color. To make things even better, there is a special option to adjust the color of the ring automatically based on the actual battery level.

Small CPU Load

The battery ring indicator is a fun app that makes it easier for Galaxy S10 users to make their smartphones feel more personal. To top it all off, the app has a very small CPU load and considering that Galaxy S10 is powered by one of the most powerful CPUs available on the market, this app will not cause it any strain.

Galaxy S10: Specs Overview

Since we are talking about Galaxy S10, let’s check out some of the smartphone’s highlight specs. First off, Galaxy S10 is equipped with a beautiful 6.1-inches display that uses Dynamic AMOLED technology.

The smartphone is fueled by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 CPU that is paired with an Adreno 640 GPU and 8GB of RAM. To top it all off, Galaxy S10 is available in the 128GB and 512GB internal storage space variants.