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Samsung Galaxy S23 Might Be Featuring a Better Selfie Camera

Source: Pixabay

If things go as the majority of tech experts are expecting, Samsung will release its Galaxy S23 flagship in early 2023. While there’s not much to learn about its specs, for now, we’re so glad to get our hands on some interesting pieces of information about how the front camera will be, thanks to pocket-lint.com.

The predecessor Samsung Galaxy S22 is a powerhouse, just to put it in a nutshell. This can only mean that the South Korean tech behemoth should do everything it can to bring a successor that’s even better in all areas.

Samsung Galaxy S23 might be featuring a 12MP front camera

The publication mentioned above tells us that GalaxyClubNL reveals that some sources claim that the upcoming phone will be featuring a 12MP front camera. It might not sound too impressive compared to what exists today, considering that there are plenty of phones out there with more megapixels for their selfie cameras. However, if the information is correct, it would still be an improvement over the usual 10MP camera that many Samsung phones carry on the front.

It’s worth keeping an eye on the news to find out if Samsung will opt for an under-display camera or implement the same old notch that drives many nuts. A more modern approach than making a hole in your display to put a camera on the front of the device itself is sure needed.

The rumors regarding Samsung Galaxy S23 are indeed a lot out there. For instance, a post from Ice Universe even claims in a tweet that the gadget will be featuring a 200MP main camera.

We all know very well that front cameras mounted on smartphones are among the most important elements nowadays, and it’s nice to see that manufacturers are insisting on them more and more in recent years.