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Tim Cook Teases Upcoming AR Apple Headset

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Rumor has it that Apple is developing two kinds of smart eyewear. An augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headset will be the first to be on sale in the mid-2023 time frame. The Apple AR glasses, which are expected to be released in 2024 at the earliest, are the more fascinating gadget. Because it’s designed to work with the iPhone, the AR glasses won’t have as much content as the first Apple AR/VR headset.

No new AR or VR product has been revealed by Apple as of yet, regardless of the prevalence of rumors to the contrary. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook has hinted that these goods would be released.

In an interview with China Daily, Tim Cook reaffirmed his enthusiasm for AR products.

I am incredibly excited about AR, as you might know, and the critical thing to any technology including AR is putting humanity at the center of it And that is what we focus on every day. Right now, as an example, we have over 14,000 ARKit apps in the App Store, which provide AR experiences for millions of people around the world.

It’s noteworthy to note that Apple didn’t reveal any new AR capabilities at WWDC 2022 earlier this month. The operating system rumored to run the mixed reality headgear and augmented reality glasses, realityOS, may have been presented at that event by Apple instead. Nevertheless, a few of the WWDC software advances might be useful on AR/VR headsets as well.
There has been a plethora of information concerning Apple’s AR/VR headset from insiders in previous years.

Moreover, Tim Cook also hinted at a potential future release:

Stay tuned, and you’ll see what we have to offer.

Although the headgear is likely to appear similar to existing virtual reality gaming headsets, it will price more than a MacBook This is due to its high-end specifications, including an Apple M-series CPU. Thus, the headset won’t need a connected connection to any computer or mobile device.

Upwards of a dozen cameras are also said to be included in the headset’s AR/VR capabilities. They will be aimed at the user’s eyes both externally and inside. Speculation has said that the eye movement of the Apple gadget will be tracked. A further benefit of 4K micro-OLED displays is that they transmit images directly into the retinas of viewers.

As seen in the concept illustrations above, the AR/VR headgear will be used to package all of this.

Apple is expected to introduce its first-generation AR/VR headset with realityOS in early 2023, according to an insider. There’s a possibility that the product may be available in shops in the second quarter of 2023, around the time of the World Wide Developers Conference.