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Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Limited Edition Arrives

Credit: Unsplash

Let’s suppose that you’re getting bored at work and you know very well that you’ve just bought the new Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. You have it in your pocket, so the temptation of bringing it out is powerful. Very powerful. Of course, you’ll take a chill pill if your boss is not around and decide to take a peek at those beautiful girls from Instagram or begin a gaming session of Call of Duty. The scenario is especially plausible if it has all gone pear-shaped at your workplace.

Samsung released its Galaxy S23 flagship series back in February, and now it’s time to take a good look at what the Limited Edition has to offer. Contrary to what you might be tempted to believe, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra Limited Edition means more than just the phone itself.

Samsung Galaxy S23 + Galaxy Watch5 + a 15W dual wireless charger

Thanks to GSMArena, the publication that has spotted on a Vietnamese version of Samsung Newsroom the plans regarding the Limited Edition, we can now learn a lot more. We’re talking about a bundle containing the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, a Galaxy Watch5 smartwatch, as well as a 15W dual wireless charger.

You surely must take a look at the price for the whole bundle. It’s less than how much the products cost individually if you buy them one at a time. The bundle will only cost VND31,990,000, which means $1,365/€1,245/INR112,165.

Samsung is already releasing the Galaxy S23 Ultra Limited Edition, which means that the chances are high to already see it on the shelves anytime soon.

Grabbing everything but the kitchen sink once you think about leaving your work during a boring day is certainly not a good option. Refugiating yourself into what the Samsung Galaxy S23 Limited Edition has to offer, instead, is surely much better.