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Samsung Galaxy S23 Won’t Feature a Memory Upgrade

Source: Unsplash

Samsung releases its new lineup flagship of smartphones from the S-series every year around February, and 2023 won’t be an exception. It will be the time for the Galaxy S23 series to shine, and we’re already getting our hands on what the lineup will be capable of.

The RAM memory is an extremely important part of smartphones nowadays. It can grant you enough hardware power to run your favorite games, edit videos, run demanding apps, and many, many more. Since Samsung released its Galaxy S10 lineup back in 2019, the company has been sticking with 8GB of RAM. It certainly wasn’t too few RAM memory back in the day, but surely you would want more from a 2022 lineup.

Samsung Galaxy S23 and S23 Plus will have only 8GB of RAM

According to NextPit, leakster Ice Universe has confirmed that both the standard and the Plus variants of the upcoming Galaxy S23 series from Samsung will feature only 8GB of RAM. That means that the upcoming models won’t have more memory compared to the S22 lineup that came out this year.

According to other sources, although they are not official, Samsung Galaxy S23 will also come with satellite connectivity available, which is a powerful feature that’s also expected to be present on Tesla Phone Pi. Exactly as its name suggests, satellite connectivity will let users get rid of the age-old problem of not having enough signal on their phones when they need to call someone. This will be a great addition to help those in need of reaching the emergency services when there’s no signal, for instance.

What’s for sure is that, with no disrespect intended for the Galaxy S22 series, Samsung can surely improve it in numerous ways through the release of the S23 lineup. The fans want better cameras, more RAM, an even more powerful chipset, and so on.