Home Apps YouTube Brings Material You Home Screen Widgets to Android Phones

YouTube Brings Material You Home Screen Widgets to Android Phones

Source: Unsplash

YouTube is now rolling out its new Material You home screen widgets for those who have Android phones. This means that if you are addicted to using the YouTube app on an Android phone, such as many people already are, you’ll get much faster access to the famous streaming service.

The great news is brought by 9to5Google, and it confirms once again the huge popularity of the YouTube mobile app if it was still needed. Thanks to the new update, Android users will now benefit from quick access to important parts of the YouTube app right from their home screen.

Android users can customize their home screen with the new widgets

The new YouTube widgets don’t necessarily have to remain the same all the time. You can go ahead and customize the home screen of your Android phone the way you want it.

For instance, you can take advantage of the famous search bar of YouTube directly from your Android phone’s home screen. You can choose to type the content you want by using the keyboard or by using your microphone to tell the search bar what you wish to find.

You can also rapidly see your library or subscriptions from YouTube directly from the widget itself. Even shorts are also there if you need them. You can go ahead to expand or reduce the size of the widget on your phone’s home screen.

By using the library, you can rapidly see the playlist that you’ve made on YouTube. For instance, you can rapidly start your playlist of bedtime songs without having to start the YouTube app itself.

Android phones can have a lot of handy features on their home screens, such as a browser, the phone app, WhatsApp, and more. Therefore, placing a YouTube widget there can only be a good idea.