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Samsung Makes Fun of Pixel 3 XL and its iPhone X Like Design


Even though Samsung’s smartphones run on the Android operating system, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Samsung and Google get along. The two companies are always competing against each other in the smartphone market, but this time, Samsung has decided to take the competition to the next level by making fun on of Google’s next-generation Pixel 3 XL flagship smartphone.

Samsung Makes Fun of Pixel 3 XL

Big tech companies such as Samsung usually stay away from making jokes about their competition, but Samsung has decided to make an exception for Google. The Android parent has revealed Pixel 3 XL to two days ago and unfortunately for Google, everyone is making fun of the new Android flagship because of its display top notch.

Samsung’s official US Tweeter account posted the following in response to Pixel 3 XL’s design: “You could land a plane on it”. To make things even worse, Samsung went on to give people the following advice: “If you like having more RAM, expandable storage, and living notch-free, we’ve got you #GalaxyNote9”.

Pixel 3 XL Design Problem

We don’t know how Google is going to react to this Tweet from Samsung, but what we can be sure about is the fact that Google needs to rethink the way it designs its devices. Even though Pixel 3 XL’s might look spectacular, no one can deny the fact that it resemblances iPhone X.

This is a big problem for Pixel 3 XL since this smartphone represents Google’s vision of a pure Android flagship smartphone and since it looks just like iPhone X, Android fans are not sure if they want to buy it or not.

In addition, Android fans have started making fun of Apple fans for buying a smartphone with a top-notch one year ago, but now, Google is offering them the same product.