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Samsung Takes Jab At iPhones In Its Latest Ads

Credit: Samsung

Despite the innovative folding design of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4, Apple’s iPhones continue to pose a significant challenge to Samsung’s ability to expand its market share. Because of this, Samsung has instead resorted to running advertisements that are witty and, on occasion, make fun of the Cupertino company. This is very much represented in the most recent clip that Samsung released, making fun of Apple for not developing a foldable iPhone.


Samsung seems unconcerned about the potential fallout from its recent films, including whether or not it would get favorable feedback from its loyalists or from Apple customers. However, it is now abundantly evident that it is taking advantage of Apple as a result of Apple’s failure to produce a foldable iPhone.

The South Korean company has released a follow-up video dubbed “On the Fence,” which depicts a user who is uncertain and is having trouble deciding between a foldable Galaxy and an iPhone. Before two people who pretended to use iPhones emerged and praised how wonderful the foldable gadget was, a lady on the opposite side was successful in persuading the user to try out the Galaxy Z Flip 4 folding smartphone.

In a different film, Samsung published an advertisement for the World Cup, in which the Galaxy Z Flip 4s can be seen doing the Mexican wave. The fact that the iPhones do not have a folding structure prevented them from performing the same motion as the iPads, which led to the audience making fun of the iPhones.

While Samsung Apple is putting too much pressure on itself with these steps, yet the company is still said to control the market for luxury smartphones. Additionally, the company intends to introduce a foldable iPad first in the year 2024, then a version of a foldable iPhone in the year 2025. It is still unknown what the form factor of the iPhone will be or whether or not it will be similar to the clamshell design of the Flip 4.