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Samsung Uses DLSR Photos to Advertise New Smartphone


The one thing that all smartphones have in common, no matter who manufactures them, is that they all focus on providing customers with high-end cameras that can snap amazing selfies. People love taking photos with their smartphones and this is why tech companies are making all their devices more camera-centric every year. Some smartphones get so good that people might mistake the pictures that they take with the ones taken with a professional DSLR camera.

Samsung Gets Caught Lying

Photographer Dunja Djudjic discovered that Samsung Malaysia has taken one of her pictures that were taken with a DSLR and it’s making it seem like the said picture was shot with the new A8 Star. The photographer states that she snapped the said picture with a professional DSLR camera and not just that, but that Samsung has also heavily edited the picture. Samsung took Dunja Djudjic’s picture and changed the background. Samsung also edited the subject’s face to be color-corrected with the new background.

We should mention that Samsung didn’t steal the picture from Dunja Djudjic. The photographer says that the picture was probably taken via the EyeEm photo site. Therefore, the only problem that remains is that Samsung is making it seem like A8 Star has taken the picture.

Samsung is Not the Only One

Even though this might seem like false advertisement, it looks like tech companies don’t have any problem with showing off DSLR pictures. The reason we are saying this is because Huawei has also been caught lying about the camera abilities of Nova 3. Everyone can check out Huawei’s commercial and see how much the pictures which are allegedly taken with Nova 3 have been edited.

Final Words

The worst thing about Samsung getting caught lying is the fact that Samsung is a company that is usually held in high regard by Android fans. Unfortunately, the heavy editing makes it clear that this wasn’t a simple mistake.