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Seeing Through Walls Is Possible With New Military Technology

Credit: Camero-Tech

The application of artificial intelligence in military technology has led to the creation of a new imaging system that allows soldiers to see and recognize live humans and inanimate things placed behind barriers (AI).

The Israeli image solutions business Camero-Tech created the technology, dubbed Xaver 1000, to provide the military, law enforcement, intelligence, and first responders the tools they need to be more effective than ever before.

Claims have been made that Camero’s “See-Through-The-Wall” technology, which enables users to view people or static items behind walls, may be used in conjunction with an AI tracking system. According to reports, the technology is so precise that even after staying immobile for extended periods of time, living things may be seen in high clarity down to a level of individual body parts.

According to reports, the gadget may be operated by a single user with the press of a single button; the 10.1-inch screen has an intuitive interface for easy interpretation. For post-mortems and debriefings, simple menus, integrated data capture, and replay are all available.

As if that wasn’t amazing enough, this system can also inform users the item’s height, and whether or not a live thing is an adult (or a kid or an animal), which gives operators an additional edge while on duty.

Since this technique is now exclusively accessible to the Israeli military, it will only be a matter of time until other military groups across the globe begin using it as well — just as they usually do. Other firms and organizations have also devised new techniques to see past walls, such as exploiting reflected WiFi signals to detect activity beyond walls and closed doors.

These military technology advancements suggest that we’re getting closer and closer to existing in a sci-fi world.