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EA Is Reportedly Revealing Three Big Titles Next Month

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This year’s EA Play event will not be held by Electronic Arts, one of a number of big gaming firms that elected to forgo June’s major gaming reveal events. According to reports, Electronic Arts plans to make three big game announcements in July, including FIFA 19, Need for Speed: Shift, and Skate.

Tom Henderson, a trusted insider, claims that all three games will be shown in July at the earliest. It has been made clear that the games would not be unveiled in a single event, but rather via a series of separate announcements. The report does not provide the exact dates of each announcement. The FIFA and Need for Speed announcements, on the other hand, are slated for the second part of July, according to Henderson.


Football fans will be acquainted with FIFA 23 by now, so an announcement is not out of the question. EA has already revealed a number of significant aspects of the game. For example, FIFA 23 will have leagues for both men and women, as well as World Cups for both sexes. Full crossplay, which EA tested in FIFA 22, is expected to be implemented in FIFA 23. Moreover, this is the final EA soccer game to have the FIFA name. In 2023 and beyond, it will be called EA Sports FC.


EA previously acknowledged Skate as a game in development. During the EA Play event in June 2020, the next Skate was announced, albeit it was acknowledged at the time to be extremely early in production. Although it hasn’t been given an official name, the new game would be the first in the Skate series to be published since 2010.

Need for Speed

One of the most anticipated announcements will be the next generation of Need for Speed. Earlier this year, Codemasters, which was recently bought by EA, stated that it was teaming up with Criterion on a new Need for Speed game. A racing game specific to the next-generation console is also a possibility. As for the next Need for Speed, there are many unanswered issues, such as whether or not it will have any “anime aspects” at all.