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SHAREit 4.6.8 APK – Optimizing The Homepage Design and Media Player


SHAREit is a great app to have around because it makes it significantly easier for users to transfer data. What’s great about SHAREit is the fact that this app has been optimized to transfer all types of files. Therefore, SHAREit can be used to transfer important data, work documents and all other types of file formats. However, the thing that separates SHAREit from other apps that also excel at transferring data is the fact that SHAREit is constantly improving.

Always Getting Better

Even though SHAREit is already a premium app that can transfer massive files in a matter of seconds, the developers of the app are always aiming to make it even better. The developers are tirelessly working on new APK updates that are released every couple of weeks and, in fact, the reason why SHAREit is making headlines today is because a brand-new APK has just arrived.

SHAREit 4.6.8 APK

The latest APK update for SHAREit changes the app’s build number to 4.6.8 and it optimizes two of SHAREit’s most important features. Since this is an APK update we are talking about, interested SHAREit fans are required to manually download and install it on their smartphones. Nonetheless, let’s check out what the new update does in more detail.

Software Optimization

SHAREit fans should be pleased to know that this latest APK update optimizes the design of the homepage. One of SHAREit’s best features is the fact that its equipped with a friendly UI (user interface) which makes the app accessible to everyone.

The second change that SHAREit fans are going to notice after installing the new APK is that the media player’s performance and user experience has been greatly improved through software optimization. Even though the new update might not introduce any new features, these under the hood tweaks are always welcomed.