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SHAREit 5.2.79 Update – Login is No Longer Required


There are some apps that are fun to have on your smartphones and then there are apps like SHAREit which are essential! What makes this app so amazing is the fact that it provides users with access to lots of features that make it possible for them to share any type of files they want. No matter the size or the format of the file. To make things even better, SHAREit is a cross-platform app and this means that it enables users to shares files from Android to iOS and back.

While the features that SHAREit offers are useful, this is not the reason why the app is making headlines on our website today. In fact, SHAREit has recently received a new update that introduces a major change which is improving the overall user experience. The update sports the 5.2.79 version number and it is available right now.

SHAREit 5.2.79 Update

If you are wondering what to do in order to access the latest 5.2.79 update, then you should be pleased to know that this is an over the air update. This means that all SHAREit users who keep their smartphones connected to a stable Wi-Fi network are eligible to access the update and the improvements that it brings. In addition, the update can also be manually downloaded and installed in the form of APK.

Login is No Longer Required

The developers who are in charge of SHAREit are always listening to the feedback sent by users so that they can improve the performances of the app. After all, who knows better what the app needs in order to improve other than its users?

One of the most request features is the ability to skip the login part every time that users open the app. The developers have listed and the login is no longer required every time.